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Noelin Wheeler

Since a young age, Noelin’s artistic tendencies became his creative outlet. As a boy, he would draw his own comic book characters. When he got in trouble, he didn’t mind being grounded, since that meant he could just spend more time drawing his next hero/villain.  In fact, if it weren’t for art, who knows what trouble he would have gotten into (seriously). 

In April 1997, Noelin turned 18 and decided to turn his hobby into a career, so he started his apprenticeship for tattooing in Anchorage, AK. During that time he also worked as a Graphic Designer for several printing companies. With the end of his apprenticeship he became a full time tattooer, he then moved to Boise, ID to spend some time away from home and meet new artists with different outlooks on the industry. With a taste for traveling and wanting to learn from his counterparts, he later made his way to Las Vegas in the spring of 2003. 

After working for a couple shops in town, Noelin went on a tour with Ozzfest. Traveling the US and tattooing some band members and patrons of the venus. He then returned to Vegas and began working on building a clientele with a goal of owning a small one man studio. After working at a couple more shops and learning from some of the best artists in town he decided to open a small private studio. Noelin opened “inkfx.biz” in the summer of 2008 and never looked back. inkfx is an appointment only shop with no walk-ins and a quiet private atmosphere. A place to get professional work done without the hype. 


In June of 2015 Noelin built out a newer and larger modern art studio with the focus being on the comforts and experience for his clientele. His vision for the shop is one of growth for inkfx as a company.

Another revision to inkfx was the name, logo and website. All are now under the title "inkfx.tattoo" 


Adventure motorcycles…what else? Broken bones, and broken motorcycles are all part of adventure travel. If it isn't a challenge, then it isn't worth your time. He tries to make at least one, if not more, trips a year (Canada, Mexico, and across the US). Camping and riding his way across North America.

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